Search & Share Media Content Anywhere.


The FoxRT app gives users the ability to search or paste Twitter links for media content, and share it with your followers on both Twitter and Facebook like a pro. Instead of having to copy links to pictures, gifs, and videos, FoxRT gives users the ability to embed the media content in their own post, with their own unique descriptions. And, if you have more than one username, you can share the media content and description on all your other usernames with a tap of your finger. The latest version gives users the ability to crosspost media content to their Facebook pages, right from their cellphone! 




Architecture by Heads and Hands.

We started with Twitter. Now, you can crosspost to Facebook!


The first task we gave our programmers was to give users the ability to grab and customize Twitter media content. With FoxRT 2.0, users now have the ability to crosspost Twitter media content to Facebook! With one tap on a cellphone, users can now personalize media content and share it across both Twitter & Facebook platforms! 




currently available! 

The Twitter version of FoxRT is currently available at Google Play and Apple App Store for cellphones. For Android version: Click here to download. The Apple iOS version is also available: Click here to download


Currently available!

From the first day we started programming, we had a goal of of being able to crosspost Twitter media content to Facebook users. Great news! We accomplished it! Latest version has Facebook crosspost feature.

Free to be Free.


For the professional social media user with large followings, or the occasional social media user looking to increase their following, FoxRT gives users the ability to get away from their desktop computers, and share media content anywhere with a cellphone signal. Large files, small files, no matter. With the tap of a button, FoxRT users can grab, customize and crosspost media content to Twitter & Facebook from anywhere, anytime.



Best Practices.


FoxRT gives users three different ways to find and "rip" media content from Twitter: (1) you can search your handle's home feed with the tweets of all the people you follow displayed on the FoxRT home page; (2) you can search other handles (@username) to find their content; or (3) you can copy from Twitter a tweet's link, and then tap "FoxRT Copied Link" to 'rip' the video/media content and edit the post how you please.

The fastest method is option #3. If you are on Twitter and see something you would like to "rip," simply copy the Twitter link, open FoxRT, tap "FoxRT Copied Link," and start customizing your own post. You have to option there to post to Twitter or Facebook. It only takes seconds to do one, then the other, so all your social media followers see the same media content.