New Travel App Survey

This year, FoxRT developers are going to be developing a new travel app and would like your assistance in determining what problems travelers may encounter and what features users might prefer to use in a new app. It should be noted, none of the questions are required (such as name or email), so your privacy is assured. We would just really appreciate any feedback you can give us to create the best travel app on the market.   

Age Range
How often do you travel per year?
Martial/Family Status
When traveling, do you typically?
When booking your hotel/B&B, do you typically?
When searching for restaurants/events/sightseeing, do you use?
When traveling, do you search for food that you?
For example, if you enjoy Italian food and wine, OR gastropubs & burgers, OR Mexican food and margaritas, do you look for that in the cities you are visiting? Or...
Have you ever used an app that consolidated/searched for these resources for you, based on your preferences?
Do you ever "check-in" to local restaurants around your home and rate them?
If you would like to participate in helping us Beta Test the app, in the future, please leave your name and email address. THIS IS NOT A REQUIRED FIELD to submit your survey.


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